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What is SOBA

Pursuit of Hoppiness started in 2008 as a newsletter for for the newly-formed Society of Beer Advocates (SOBA).

It was published four times a year (with the occasional miss!) until 2017 when it moved to publishing six times a year.

The magazine’s main purpose is to inform, educate, entertain and to spread the word about good beer.

The magazine is available freely in pubs, bars, bottle stores and other outlets where you find good beer.

In 2020, SOBA took the decision to stop publishing Pursuit of Hoppiness and the title was “sold” to editor Michael Donaldson.

Effectively the brand is held in trust, with SOBA having the first right of refusal to buy back the title should Michael decide to move on or give up writing about beer (unlikely).


SOBA is the Society Of Beer Advocates. Why SOBA, you ask? It lends a nice touch of Kiwi ironic humour, has the scope for us to extend our function over time, and avoids all those over-done plays on New Zealand, which we are sure you’re just as bored with as we are. 

Soba’s Vision

People have an appreciation of, and access to, a diverse range of quality beer.


We are a consumer-based organisation with a mission to educate, promote, and advocate for the appreciation of, and access to, a diverse range of quality beer.


To find out more and to become a member, please visit the Join SOBA page.