Morningcider The Lucky Taco

The Lucky Taco Cider is a 4.9%, clean, contemporary style cider flavoured with habanero, ginger, honey, lemon and lime. If that sounds controversial to you, you’re right. You’ll either love it or hate it. Cider is a difficult beverage to add flavours to. The acidic base and lean body makes balancing boldly flavoured adjuncts difficult. Morningcider has pulled off something quite remarkable. Honey and ginger gives this cider a spicy and fragrant palate, while the citrus makes the finish super zesty. Dominant over all though, is the habanero kick – I would describe this cider as ‘white-person hot’ (you’ve been warned). It really is reminiscent of Mexican cuisine, yet it is surprisingly drinkable, provided you have the heat-tolerance. 

Peckham’s Reserve Dry


To say that this cider is dry is understating it. The bottle claims a residual sugar content of 1.5g/l. For context, a cider from a mainstream flavoured brand can have up to 40g/l! Peckham’s reserve dry is a deep-gold, almost light amber cider. Its aroma gives a huge hit of rich, earthy, wild ferment characters, followed by biting, mouth-drying tannins and robust acidity. A cider such as this is not easy to make. Without fruit sugars to balance the body, a dry cider can quickly become austere, even astringent. What gives Reserve Dry its eminent drinkability is a long oaky finish, which balances out the tannin. This is a remarkable cider and one for true cider lovers.

Zeffer Apple Crumble


This is a clean, golden, 5% apple cider infused with cinnamon and vanilla to recreate the flavour of a classic apple crumble. Let’s be clear, this cider is definitely desserty: The body is full, the profile sweet, and the cinnamon is warming. But unlike a lot of flavoured ciders, it has a crisp, pointed acidity that runs through it. The effect is like caramelised brown sugar atop sharp Granny Smith apples. It also lends it a maturity and direction that elevate it as a beverage. The result is a cider that should appeal to enthusiasts and new cider drinkers alike.


Peckham’s Apple with Boysenberry


I love berry ciders. The trouble with most of them is that they are sweet berry RTDs masquerading as ciders. Peckham’s have a different approach – this is a cider with berries. Specifically a 5.2% wild-fermented single-varietal made with Jonagold apples. The base cider is clean and lusciously fruit-forward. Into that goes locally grown Riwaka Choice boysenberries. Peckham’s are very specific about using that exact variety of berries. The resulting cider is full of juicy apple flavors with a full, sweet boysenberry middle, reined in by the tart berry acidity. At once a fun and fruity cider, but also a drink for grownups who want more than berry sugar-water. 

Crooked Apple Cider 5.2%

Crooked Cider is a family-owned business based in Ōtaki. The company is run by the Rae family, including four daughters and mum, Karis. They bought the business in December 2019 as a family venture and it hasn’t taken them long to make a splash with  a burgeoning list...

8 Wired Wild Feijoa Ale

Depending on what side of the feijoa fence you’re on, this barrel aged sour is the greatest thing to come from the annual feijoa harvest, or alternatively: the only thing of worth to come out of it!  The nose perfectly captures the uniquely ripe pungency of the fruit,...

Urbanaut Miami Brut Lager 5.3%

Urbanaut Brewing based in Auckland’s popular city-fringe suburb of Kingsland have made a real name for themselves for their creativity over the four-and-a-bit years they’ve been in operation. This beer brings together some of their more ambitious ideas. First, it...

Boneface The Darkness India Stout 5.8%

India Stout is not a style that’s all too common, but think of it as a beer with the malt base of a stout and the hops of an IPA.  This one has the dark chocolate and coffee you’d expect from a stout, but with some mint and citrus hiding further in.  Assertively...

Panhead Port Road Pils 5.2%

Representing in the New World Beer & Cider Awards yet again, this unassuming pilsner seems to be unassailable at any judging.  Supremely clean lemon and lime nose, with a hint of sauvignon blanc drifting in the background.  The palate is superbly crisp and...