Garage Project double pernicious weed

Pernicious Weed DIPA is one of my all time favorite beers, so the moment this special version blipped on my rader I knew it was going straight in the reviews pile.  First appearing at this year’s Beervana and now in cans, this Double Pernicious also celebrates the 10th anniversary of the classic New Zealand IPA.  The double in this case doesn’t refer to the strength (at 10 per cent it’s only 2 per cent stronger than the original) but the dry hopping, with a double dose of Nelson Sauvin and Rakau getting heaved in.  Massive grapefruit and passionfruit on the nose, sharp and grippy up front with sweet juiciness hiding further inside.  At first the flavour is hugely rich and sweet, but then the hops begin to creep out of the malt and spread over the entire palate, bringing more grapefruit and gooseberry along with them.  The bitterness is slow to build, but gradually grows over the long finish to become a true force of nature by the end.  A tremendous application of the ‘more is more’ philosophy, and while it can’t quite dethrone the Yuzu edition as the pick of the Pernicious bunch for me, this is still a smashing example of NZ IPA taken all the way. 

Orval Trappist Ale

Trappist beers are typically sweet and gentle, but not this one.  Orval (named for the abbey where it’s produced) is from the wilder side of Belgian brewing, undergoing a conventional primary fermentation before being re-fermented with wild yeast.  There’s still...

Moa Sultana Single Hop IPA

This is part of Moa’s ongoing series of single hopped IPAs.  The hop this time around is a recent American variety that started life as the experimental X06277 before being commercially released as Sultana towards the end of 2019.  As hops go it’s a new one for me, so...

Baylands The Hops Awaken IPA

I was lucky enough to join the judging panel for the 2019 edition of The Malthouse WCIPA challenge so I know first-hand how revered a win is at one of New Zealand’s most prestigious beer events.  Epic and Parrotdog have dominated top spot for many years so I was...

Bach All Day Non-alcoholic IPA

Bach Brewing have just released a non-alcoholic IPA in six-pack format and it’s one of the best zero ABV beers I’ve tasted

Bread to Brew: the rise and rise of Derelict Brewing

Derelict Brewing has recently opened an online store, giving national reach to their hugely popular beers. Michael Donaldson talks to the No 1-rated brewery in New Zealand.

Urbanaut Juno Lite Hazy IPA

This wee new release from Urbanaut is a true lite beer at only 2.5% ABV; well past the dubiously broad ‘session’ bracket.  As such, it has the incredibly hard task of bringing the absolute minimum amount of malt to bear without the flavour falling into an insipid...