‘Tropical’ stout is one of the more esoteric beer styles.  Essentially a milk stout with more fruit character and higher strength, although much higher in this case (12 per cent ABV), taking it way into the imperial stratosphere.  Aromas of double chocolate icecream and fresh fruit salad, with rich and intense flavours of extra-dark chocolate and tinned peaches.  The massive body and rich flavours are brought to heed by a firm bitterness that slowly but surely fastens around the lengthy finish.  For those who love a dessert wine then think of this as desert stout.  Sharp cheese is strongly recommended.  

Baylands Continue Huge Year With Malthouse Win

The Petone-based Baylands Brewery took out the annual West Coast IPA Challenge in Wellington, as the competition got one of its biggest shake-ups in 14 years.

Fade to Black: Can Pastry Stouts Save Dark Beer?

This article started off as an in-depth look at the shrinking dominion of dark beer, and a depressing examination of how it ended up in its sorry state.  But writing that turned into a place my motivation went to die, and while you could draw some very meta...

Three Matts and a Nice Little Brewery

Parrotdog are celebating their 10th birthday this month. Hadyn Green talks to the founders, Matts Kristofski, Warner and Stevens, about the journey so far.

Aotea Brewing: No Barrier Too Great

Aotea Brewing on Great Barrier Island runs off tank water and solar power so beign sustainable is critical to their success as Denise Garland discovers.

Parrotdog Bitterbitch The Back Story

Parrotdog are celebrating their 10th birthday this month and that means it’s also the birthday of an IPA that has become something of a cult beer so I thought it  was worth looking back at how the Parrotdog empire was built on the oddly-named Bitterbitch.

Charlotte Feehan: Brew Kid on the Block

At 29 Charlotte Feehan is head brewer at Abandoned Brewing. She talks about her journey from anthropology student to beer student … and how she came to the job via furniture removal.