Bach All day hazy IPA non alcoholic

Long-time readers of this site will know that I’m avid explorer of non-alcoholic beer options. I thought I’d found a pinnacle beer in Bach Brewing’s All Day IPA but I think Bach have outdone themselves with their hazy iteration of All Day. This is a stunning beer. Probably better than it’s clear sibling version. The hop combo differs slightly from the the original All Day: Citra and Mosaic are there again, but Riwaka and Nectaron give way to Rakau and Nelson Sauvin. The haze factor just lifts that mouthfeel a tad from the original. What I’m most impressed with is the nutritional information. This beer contains just 26 calories per 330ml serve with 4.6g of carbohydrate per 330ml serve. I’ve long wondered with non-alcoholic beers if I’m being served up a dose of sugary water, like a soft drink, but these are comforting numbers. In contrast, the top-selling Heineken 0.0 has more than three times the amount of carbs at 15.8g / 330ml and has 69 calories per 330ml bottle. I was recently contacted by Grant Caunter of State of Play, who was rapt to have his non-alcoholic IPA come in at 59 calories. So for Bach to create so much flavour with so few calories is nothing short of miraculous and it really is a tribute to the hops, which bring so much to this beer in terms of flavour, perceptions of sweetness and mouthfeel.