With new releases popping up every week now, it feels like the Cold IPA train is really picking up speed, and I could not be more on board.  The latest release from Bach Brewing is cryo-hopped with American Citra, Mozaic and Idaho-7 which drive a distinctly orange citrus aroma of tangerine and grapefruit, with just a faint background of pine. Despite being a full 6.8%abv, all that (pilsner) malt comes across exceptionally smooth and clean on the palate, but still gives the hop character plenty to hold onto.  The rapid finish is clipped and expressive, with an aromatic quality to the bitterness that’s difficult to describe but immensely satisfying to experience.   On the rapidly growing list of Cold IPAs, F**king Helles is one of the more delicate and lighter-bodied, with an almost minimalist elegance to it — not unlike the German lager of its namesake.  That’s a very beer-writer way of saying “this is an absurdly drinkable strong IPA and if I ever found it on tap it would get me into trouble fast”.

Bach Cold IPA