­­Once upon a sunny Thursday afternoon in Morningside, a group of people gathered at Yeastie Boys’ new spiritual home, Side Hustle, for a beer launch unlike any other. The air was filled with excitement and the delightful sound of beer cans being cracked open as attendees eagerly awaited the unveiling of Yeastie Boys Blokequet. This beer, with a unique twist, has a special mission — to spark conversations about mental health, especially among men.

As the narrow bar slowly started to fill up, the lights came up, and a familiar face took the stage. It was none other than the Kiwi legend, Mike King, renowned comedian and a passionate advocate for mental health. He had a twinkle in his eye and a shaggy grey mullet that seemed to embody both wisdom and a mischievous spirit. He didn’t just bring laughter but also a powerful message.

“Talk to your mates,” Mike implored. “Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and show your kids that it’s okay to share their feelings. There’s strength in opening up.”

But King wasn’t the only one to share a piece of his heart. Josh, general manager at Yeastie Boys, and Michaiah, from the team at I Am Hope both took turns on stage to talk about their own journeys through the maze of mental wellbeing. They both spoke with heart about the highs and lows, underlining the idea that mental health affects us all, regardless of who we are.

Amidst the chitter-chatter and applause, the star of the afternoon was the beer itself, a 2.5% Hazy Pale Ale brewed with Earl Grey blue flowers. As the first sips touched the lips of attendees, the liquid courage inside the tins got people off their seats and the conversations started flowing. But this beer has a unique twist — it’s brewed with flowers because, as the saying goes, most men don’t receive their first bouquet until their funeral. Blokequet aims to change that, providing an opportunity to give your mate their first bunch of flowers and ask, “How are you doing?”

To cap off the night, a TV advert for the beer was premiered, leaving everyone with a lasting impression of this exceptional beer and its crucial message.

The Blokequet launch wasn’t just an event, but a reminder that over a beer, we can start the most important conversations about our mental wellbeing. So, raise a tin of Blokequet, clink it with a mate, and keep the conversation alive! And if anyone needs someone to share a beer with or to chat to, the @hazzy_hunter DMs are always open.