Brew Moon Hophead IPA is a beer with a very long history, one I myself found myself documenting last year on the brewery’s 20th anniversary.  But, as change comes to all things, so it does to one of New Zealand’s most historic IPAs in the form of this ‘XL’ version.  Gaining an extra 1.5% ABV (up to 6.5%), there’s room for the extra hop payload of Motueka, Nectaron and Nelson Sauvin along with it. Big pithy grapefruit stands out on the aroma, with a background of more subtle Motueka driven lemon-lime and softer stone fruit and tropicals creeping around the edges.  More concentrated citrus drives the palate, blending with the full malt base to create a dynamic bounce of bitter and sweet that carries into the long and firmly bitter finish.  This is full-on NZIPA with a tight citrus focus rather than the meandering pungency you might be used to from others.  A fascinating evolution of a true classic, and a must try for any drinkers of bright IPA.

brew moon hophead ipa