Fresh hop season is upon us, and with it, Fresh Hop Watch 2024 begins… Feedback from Nelson indicates an exceptional growing season, so I’m expecting big things from this year’s releases.  While the best fresh hop beers tend to appear toward the end of the season, the first wave of (mostly hazies) are already showing promise.  Brothers Beer Gamma Daydream is a full-strength (6.3%) hazy IPA that harnesses the all-time classic Motueka hop (sourced from Waimea) for its fresh component.

That unmistakable fresh hop aroma of pure green is delightfully evident from the first crack of the can.  Citrus zest, makrut lime leaf, fresh ginger and even a hint of lemongrass all jostle their way past the olfactories, while the palate reveals a smooth and juicy malt base restrained by a well-balanced bitterness.  

Fresh, juicy, and like all good fresh hop beers, impossibly alive with the unique and fleeting flavours of the harvest season.

Brothers Beer Gamma Daydream