Hop producer Clayton Hops continues its massive investment in the value-add department. The independently-owned hop producer last year built its own pelletiser, a huge capital outlay in itself. Now New Zealand’s largest single hop grower has jumped on the thiol bandwagon, coming up with their own version of Phantasm, the thiol precursor created by Garage Project’s Jos Ruffell.

Clayton Hops also has also released a batch of fresh hop oils and cryogenically-produced concentrated hop pellets, representing a massive investment in technology.  A range of hop pellets infused with the thiol precursor powder will also be available.

“At Clayton Hops we see immense potential for diversifying our range beyond standard hop pellets. Our fresh hop oils and concentrated hop pellets will be made at our facility in Tasman, New Zealand, further strengthening and showcasing our fully integrated business and commitment to environmental well-being.” CEO Brian Clayton said in a statement.

“Customer insights suggest that beer drinkers and brewers alike are seeking bolder, cleaner flavours and brewers are constantly looking for ways to improve their efficiencies, reduce waste and cost to their businesses.  Our hops go from bine to bottle in one day for our fresh hop oils, which results in an exceptionally clean and intense aroma profile with no bittering.  Being so highly concentrated and made here in New Zealand, our hop oils are a sustainable addition to a brewer’s toolkit of hop products. The cryogenic hop pellets are another way brewers can save on raw material weight, improve brew efficiencies, get a more intense aroma and flavour hit from our distinctive New Zealand hop varieties and do their bit for the environment.”

NZ Hops Ltd also has cryo-versions of their hops but they are processed by Yakima Chief in the US, and their hop oils are made in the UK by Totally Natural Solutions.

Clayton Hops has four hop farms totalling 1,350 acres in the Tasman region.

The fresh hop oils and concentrated hop pellets will be marketed under a new brand – Amplifire – while the thiol precursor powder, like Phantasm, is made from an organic Marlborough, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc grape extract and will go under the brand name Thiol Theory.

“We are the first and only New Zealand growers to be investing in this cutting-edge technology in-house, which really reflects our passion for the industry and our intention to ensure New Zealand keeps up with the rapid pace of innovation in the competitive global brewing community.  Clayton Hops has its sights firmly set on the future with these product developments.  We are super excited to see how brewers respond to and use the new products.”