It would be hyperbolic of me to claim that New Zealand IPA is at risk of becoming an endangered species in its own country, but I will say that (in my opinion) it’s a beer style we should be drinking more of.  Possessed as I am with that opinion, it’s always heartening to see a new one come along, and especially so when it’s as good as Emerson’s Reverb NZ IPA (5.9%). Reverb’s aroma strikes a balance between pungency and purity, with grapefruit and gooseberry over delicate fresh roses and Wrigley’s juicy fruit gum.  The malt backbone is weighty and expressive but doesn’t overstay its welcome, folding rapidly into the big and beautifully green New Zealand hop character, while a pleasantly punchy bitterness rounds things out. Just to top it off, this exceptional home-grown drop is available in six-packs, making it superbly affordable to boot.  If Reverb doesn’t see its way into Emerson’s core range then it’ll be a tragedy.


Emerson's Reverb IPA