Taieri George is one of our most special beers.  Brewed once a year, and every year, since the passing of Richard Emerson’s father.  It’s named after a famously excellent typo, on a certificate presented to George Emerson by the local council, thanking him for all his work on the Taieri George Railway…

Released last year and marking 20 years since the first release this special edition takes the usual 6.8% ABV up to a whopping 9%.  The added cinnamon, nutmeg and Otago clover honey are on full and immediate display in the aroma, along with a fantastically rich toffee malt.  Despite the rich malt aroma and hefty ABV, the palate moves at a pace.  Fresh honeycomb and warming spice fold into rich chewy malt, before a firm bitterness takes hold and wrings that sweetness from the finish.  

Fresh, forward and powerful drinking now, even at a year old, this is a beer that will easily develop for another 20 years if left alone in stable conditions, if you’ve got the cellar space for the exercise. 

emerson's taieri george