Garage Project are indisputably the crowned kings of kiwi craft brewing, so it’s always a rare treat when one of their beers shows up on tap in Christchurch.  Soon however, that will be a rarity no more, as Aro Street is about to get a whole lot closer to the city.  

Inner city jazz and tapas venue Vesuvio have partnered with Garage Project as they expand with a new bar exclusively pouring these hallowed beers.   

Owner operators Rachel Powderly and Jonathan Gregory have been putting the final touches on this new space for some time but were undecided on exactly how the curation of the beers on offer would work.  When a mutual friend in the hospitality world floated the idea of a fully-branded Garage Project bar to both parties, the fit was obvious.  Vesuvio would get to sport that most illustrious of craft beer brands, while Garage Project themselves would gain a steady pipeline direct to the Christchurch market.

Craft beer bars are typically adorned with all manner of bits and pieces, accumulated artwork on the walls, a shelf of old bottles, but not here.  With the wine bar already established across the courtyard, the taproom is exclusively focused on serving beer, which means the usual behind-the-bar assembly of bottles is dispensed with in favour of the strikingly spartan display of unmarked brushed steel taps. 

Garage project Christchurch

Jonathan described the space as being designed like a “cave” with low lighting and unadorned surrounds.  It’s a singularly stark and slick aesthetic that suits the sharply curated beer list.

One could almost (uncharitably) call it too suave for the likes of us in Christchurch, but I’m confident we’ll figure it out without too much trouble.  Patrons will be able to get their first taste of this classy new aesthetic, and a full ten Garage Project beers at the official opening on Friday April 19, from 6pm till late.