garage project talk to the hand IPA

Garage Project’s  Talk to the Hand is an annual series of beers supporting Sign Language Week and Deaf Aotearoa.  This year they’ve gone big and different with a full strength Cold  IPAThis latest style of fringe IPA to come out of America is brewed with light malts (pilsner and maize in this case) and top fermented with lager yeast.  Kind of like a super-strong hoppy Kölsch, which is just fine by me.  Delicate floral aromas of Turkish delight and daphne, with sweet citrus and cooling spearmint adorn the nose, while the palate is more white grape and stemmy green astringency.  A late bitterness takes hold into a long finish that refocuses back onto the floral elements from the nose.  It’s a distinctly different IPA that’s better tried than described, but in the spirit of Sign Language Week this one gets a thumbs up from me.