Today is a special day, a day that has only come around a few times in the history of craft beer, it’s officially “No Dreams Till Brooklyn” day! The absolute weapons at Garage Project have once again made my week by re-releasing an absolute belter of a hazy which if you haven’t guessed it already, goes by the name of “No Dreams Till Brooklyn” which is a part of the original 2019 Hāpi sessions and brewed in collaboration with Other Half based out of NYC. It’s an oat cream hazy IPA that’s thick and juicy and slides down the throat easier than a Powerade after a half marathon, just like I remembered! Out of all the beers I have recommended, this is the top dog so if you know what’s good for yourself, you need to get this ASAP.

Tasting notes: The sugary syrup from a tin of fruit salad, whipped cream squirted in the mouth, butterscotch vape, freshly crushed orange juice and a splash of the smoothest Grey Goose vodka.

Garage Project Other Half No Dreams Til Brooklyn