As I was prepping this recommendation — and let me say from the get-go I thoroughly recommend you try this beer — I noticed a post on Facebook about this beer that read: “I’ve always found Good George lacking compared to the top tier NZ breweries, always considered them more of an ‘entry level’ crafty if you will. But far out man, they’ve come a long way with this beer! Massive juice bomb with tons of body, I can see why this was a winning beer.” And I think that captures what a lot of people might think about Good George. And admittedly GG are largely brewing for their pubs which means beers that won’t stray too far from a safe spot aimed at pleasing the most punters as possible. I think Haze of Glory can do both jobs: please the everyday punter and the craft beer fan alike. Oh, and add judges to the mix of pleased people: it has won two coveted titles this year: the Smiths IPA Challenge in Queenstown and then the Juicy/Hazy trophy at the New Zealand Beer Awards. So it has to be good right? It is. This is just pure juice. It’s so lush and rich with a mango lassi meets pineapple juice flavour offset by just enough bitterness to keep it real. I slammed the 946ml squealer in double quick time and I don’t even like that hazies that much!

Good George Haze of Glory