Stephen Gallagher applies the haiku format to beer reviews


Volstead Mr Ombibulous IPA

Ombibulous is

A hard beer name to haiku

Prohibition sucks!


Canyon Cardrona Hazy 80s IPA

Skiing on my tongue

Juicy, hazy, dank and fresh

A good beer for spring


Garage Project Infinite Spirit Sour Hazy

Infinite Spirit

The sour horses gallop

Such a unique drop


Mata K-Town Draught

Memories of my dad

Sitting round the rugby club

A classic draught beer


Manaia Foul Ground IPA

Foul Ground by the name

Aromatic and golden

Smooth bitter and yum.


Urbanaut Crystal IPA

Punchy, clean and dry

How’d they make it translucent?

Refreshing to drink