Green beers, marshmallows, smoke and blueberry, Stephen Gallagher is pushed to haiku poetry by his latest beer choices:

Mean Doses Mo Pho Mango Passionfruit Pandan Green Hazy

Hang on, the beer’s green?

It tastes like freshly cut grass

On a sunny day

Panhead Batch 212 Fennel & Bay Biere De Garde

It’s so down to earth

That I feel one with nature

After every sip

Fortune Favours Sour Smacker Lemon And Lime Sour

Smacked hard by lemon

Overwhelmed by sour lime

Tingles the tastebuds

Double Vision Brewing Luscious Loompa Chocolate Orange Porter

Paint my face orange

Is Double Vision really

A chocolate factory?

Urbanaut Toasted Marshmallow Hazy IPA

Light the campfire

Drink these liquid marshmallows

Share some ghost stories


ChinChiller Tart Side Of The Moon #6 Lemon With Burnt Whipped Cream Oat Cream Sour

Acid lemon drop

Tongue is still recovering

Sour explosion

Cowabunga Brewing Radical RPA

Easy on the rye

Neon coloured throwback can

Cowabunga, dude!

Zeelandt Brewery x Small Gods Brunhilde’s Fate Rauchbier

So smokey dokey

Woodfire flavours unlocked

A fate worth having

Zeelandt brunhilde's fate rauchbier

Wilderness Brewing Fluro Blueberry + Black Lime Gose

Please turn the lights off

Crack out the glowsticks baby

Let your tastebuds dance

Mill Street Watermelon Wheat

Sweet watermelon

The fruit I love the most

Makes a tasty treat