Stephen Gallagher brings his poetic licence to beer reviews in the form of haiku.

Change Maker Brewing Jolene Hazy Pale Ale

Jolene, Jolene, Jo-

Leen Jooooleeeeeeeeeneee

Couldn’t help myself.

Behemoth Pickle Nick

Pickles are my fav

That sweet sour brine flavour

Salty zing is good

Garage Project Treehugger NZ Pilsner

Elegant, zippy.

Easy drinking clean green beer

Good for the planet

Ballast Point Watermelon Dorado Double IPA

This is really

The greatest watermelon

I had this summer

Phat House Mega Mega Lager

Lazy sunny days

Calls for refreshing lagers

Phat amber taste

Bach Brewing Slo-Pour Pils

Life in the slow lane

Take your time with this pour, please

Make the most of it.

Boneface x One Drop Ambush In The Night Peach IPA

It just takes One Drop

Before the peachy goodness

Seeps into your soul

Choice Bros Lost Keys

If you’ve lost your keys

It doesn’t really matter

Because this beer’s nice