Deep Creek Mango Tango

The epitome

Of a perfect summer drink

Cheers to the sunshine!


Garage Project Double F*ck Yeah 2022

If this beer’s about

What to expect for this year

It’s gonna be huge


Brothers Beer Houble Dazy

Have a few of these

And you’ll be seeing double

Dank and delightful.


Mata West End Lager

So smooth and pale

There’s plenty of fruity notes

Mata get it right


Yulli’s Norman Australian Ale

He’s witty and dry

Everybody loves Norman

Such an Aussie bloke.


Sunshine Pineapple & Salted Caramel Sour

Burnt, yet sweet and dry

I’m watching the sun go down

Beer and sun, good mix



Behemoth Pursuit Of Fruitiness — Guava Edition

Guavas are strange aye

I’ve never seen one before

Taste good in beer though


Garage Project Syrup & Sour

This concoction is

Well-executed indeed

It’s fresh, it’s sour. Yum.