Low carb beers are one of the fastest growing categories in the beer market, with sales rising by around 20 per cent year on year.

We look at some of the best on the market:

Epic Blue Pale Ale 4.8%

Carbs 1g/100ml

As you’d expect from Epic, it has great hop flavour — juicy and citrusy — that’s well integrated into the light body. The lowest carb level of all these beers and arguably the best in a toss-up with…

Urbanaut Miami Brut Lager 5%

Carbs 1.5g/100ml

Packed to the seams with sweet passionfruit and lime hop flavours. A sparkling carbonation and punchy hops on a light and airy body.

Epic Royal IPA 6%

Carbs 1.5g/100ml

Like an old-fashioned IPA with a dose of crystal malts for flavour and an incredibly well-integrated hop character. It has 65 per cent less carbs than Armageddon, and yet it’s such a good beer.

Brewer’s personal drive for low carb beer

Bach Brut Ultra IPA 4.4%

Carbs 1.7g/100ml

Super-fruity with aroma and hop flavour rolling out of the glass thanks to a massive dry-hop bill that features all your favourites: Citra, Mosaic, Riwaka, and Rakau.

Emerson’s Super Quench Pacific Pilsner 4%

Carbs 1.9g/100ml

Super pretty beer to look at, liquid diamonds in the glass. Frankly, this is delicious. Hoppy, refreshing and spritzy light without any soda water notes.

Deep Creek LoCal IPA 3.5% ABV

Carbs 2g/100ml

The lowest ABV beer in the range, but you’d struggle to pick it. Brilliantly executed in terms of balance and flavour. I’m not at all disappointed that the only way to order it was by the case.

Sprig + Fern Shredder 4%

Carbs 2g/100ml

Sprig + Fern aimed squarely at mainstream market with this, labelling it simply “Low Carb Craft Beer”. A traditional lager base with all the requisite flavours, so much so, you wouldn;’t guess it was low carb.

Good George Social League Hazy 4.2%

Carbs: 2g/100ml

The only hazy low carb beer in the line-up and targeted at the social sport crowd. Good hit of pineapple up front. The usual haze creamy body disappears like candyfloss in the mouth, but, hey, candyfloss is good.