I’ve reviewed a McLeod’s 802 series release before, and I’m certain I’ll review it again.  That’s the beauty of the batched release model of which 802 was such a pioneer.  This 49th edition (6.8% ABV) showcases the new Australian hop Eclipse, alongside the ubiquitous American craft darling Mosaic. Big pithy grapefruit and tangerine lead the nose, with softer mango and rockmelon tropicals crammed in behind.  The distinctly citrus dominant palate starts off sharp before rapidly plunging into a bitter orange and aromatic pine.  The malt character shows briefly before the immense bitterness crashes down on the finish. Very much in the old-school American style, this is an extremely bitter IPA for extremely bitter IPA drinkers, and consequently one of my favourite iterations of 802 yet.

McLeod's 802 Series