‘West Coast’, ‘Double’ and ‘IPA’ are some words that you could arrange in almost any order and you would still get my attention.  What Baylands have arranged with Skull Cracker is a big (but not huge, at only 7.5%abv) Mosaic- and Zythos-driven double IPA that I’ve been looking forward to profiling ever since I got the sample.

Sharp grapefruit and zingy tangerine are huge on the aroma, with some light resin, pineapple and passionfruit in support.  It seems like a broad aroma for only two hops, but that makes more sense remembering that Zythos is actually a proprietary blend of multiple different American varietals.

Hugely juicy on the palate, with a sturdy malt backbone and a surprisingly restrained (for a West Coast) bitterness that balances precisely on the long, fruity finish.  

One of the most dangerously drinkable double IPAs I’ve tasted in a very long time.

Baylands Skull Cracker