Another hazy pale that had to climb past an absolute mountain of other New World Beer & Cider Awards entries to reach the top of the hazy summit. The radical packaging might suggest otherwise, but at 5.3% ABV Mouth Party is comfortably in the easy drinking spectrum rather than a full-on booze unit.  

There’s a clarity and purity to the aroma that makes the sharp lemon & lime citrus really chime, while the more subtle apricot draws in the nose with a tantalising ripeness.  There’s a tremendous lift and rapidity to the palate, which speeds along into the refreshing, moderately bitter finish without any chance of becoming overly sweet or cloying. 

In many ways (including visually) Mouth Party is more akin to a hoppy pale than a hazy, forgoing the weighty sweetness for a clean and snappy focus that I am 100% here for.

double vision mouth party