Martinborough is far more well known for classy (if extremely vintage dependent) pinot noir than it is for craft beer, so it’s nice to see the region’s only brewery standing tall and standing out on the New World Beer & Cider Awards Top 30.  At 6.3% and described as a Bright IPA, this is a full-strength IPA, however the delicate aroma doesn’t give that away at all.  Ripe grapefruit and white peach emerge before softer notes of lychee and rosewater, while on the palate the citrus intensifies dramatically, giving a keen edge to the expressive malt backbone before a satisfying bitterness grasps the finish.  A more traditional style of IPA, and all the more tremendous for it; and unlike the pinot, the early frosts and late summer rainfall aren’t going to be a concern. 

NWBCA Martinborough Hop Elixir