Pilsner in New Zealand has become a slightly treacherous style of late.  As the brewer, do you go the traditional route and keep the flavours tight and focused?  Or do you really let the hops go and embrace the bold and flamboyant NZ-style. It’s a problem for judges too, as you’re really considering two increasingly different styles at the same time.  Thankfully the New World awards are less focused on rigorous style guidelines, and more on ‘how good is this beer’. Parrotdog Sundog Pilsner is very much in the NZ-style category, and it’s also very good… Big passionfruit, white grape and gooseberry burst out of the hugely pungent nose, while vividly green herbaceous hop character abounds on the palate.  With a very mild malt character, and similarly light bitterness, this one is all about the hops.  As the name suggests, this is more of a beer for the sunshine months, but it’s superbly easy-drinking for any conditions, not to mention tremendous value in a six pack.

Parrotdog Sundog Pilsner