Ruapehu Brewing are another new face on the New World Beer & Cider Awards Top 30 list this year, and not only that, these Ohakune brewers have walked straight in and taken a place in one of the most hotly contested brackets, Hazy IPA.  

The NZ/US hop combo works beautifully in Unlimited Vis, with pithy grapefruit and minty, cooling pine over pungent passionfruit in the aroma.  It’s a great nose, but the palate is nothing short of a hazy masterclass.  Big, ripe and juicy like all hazies, but crucially clean and fresh in a way that few others achieve.  All backed up by a stunning bitterness that rolls into the finish and leaves the palate demanding another sip.  

A real West Coast IPA-lover’s hazy, and consequently amongst the very best I’ve tasted in some time.  The sooner Ruapehu Brewing finds its way through the New World distribution and into my fridge the better.


ruapehu brewing