Urbanaut Newtown is the second hazy from this brewery on the New World Beer & Cider Awards Top 30 list, and while it isn’t quite an inverse of the bigger, flashier Silver Palace, it’s certainly going for a more low-key vibe. Diverse aroma of stone fruit, softer tropicals and even some red apple drive the nose, while the palate has a real tutti-frutti jumble of difficult to pin down fruit flavours.  The bitterness is low, and the body is full.

This all might sound like standard hazy stuff, until you remember that there’s only 4.8% ABV going on here.  The weight of body and concentration of flavour that Urbanaut have managed to pack into here is a genuine achievement, and further shows off that brewery’s mastery and confidence with the hazy style.  Available for a steal in six packs (or 24 if you’ve got that kind of afternoon planned), this one should be on any hazy-lovers radar as a bang for buck go-to.   

urbanaut newtown hazy pale ale