As the new Cold IPA style has continued to evolve, my taste for these deliciously bright and crispy beers has developed in kind.  As I’ve tasted my way through this year’s multitude of examples, the idea of what makes a “good” Cold IPA has suitably resolved in my mind and on my palate, such that I think I can now express an at least halfway cogent opinion on it. So, what do I think it needs?  First, it needs to be strong, over 6% at a minimum, otherwise that ultra clean malt base lacks the weight to carry the hops —plus it gets overwhelmed by the CO2.  Secondly the hops: varieties with sharp and fresh flavours are needed to keep the palate dry and focused.  Sadly, a lot of Kiwi hops are ruled out, but American varieties fit the bill. In this case it’s Citra, Enigma and Nelson Sauvin. Thirdly, you need brewers that have bright IPA on absolute lock, as slightest lack of precision in the fermentation will be on full display with no malt sweetness to hide behind.  Parrotdog has all those boxes checked with this seventh edition of their rolling “Nice” seasonal range.  At a robust 7.1%abv, the still light and easygoing body has a power and impact to it that really kicks the taste off hard.  White grape pungency mingles with sharp lemon citrus against a background of delicate florals in the aroma.  The palate is powerfully hoppy and extremely rapid, skipping across the tongue and plunging into a beautifully crisp and snappy finish.  Focused, powerful, and exquisitely refreshing. 

parrotdog Cold IPA