Rumours have it, there’s a new spot in Wellington CBD.

Rumours, tucked away right next to Les Mills on Taranaki Street, is a vibey little spot where you can live your life by the five R’s.

Rum, Really good beer, Records, kombuchaR and pizzaR. Look, I know that’s stretching it, but please Roll with me.

rumours in wellington

There are records everywhere, neatly stacked for sale, with rustic yet cosy re-used wooden furniture creating a classic Kiwi DIY feel but with a much tidier finish than anything I’d be able to do.

I rocked up on a sunny Wellington evening and was greeted by Robin, who oozed charisma. Sporting a strong dad handshake and clearly passionate about this new venture which provides patrons with a tour of beer, rum, and kombucha coupled with tasty food.

Kombucha is becoming more prominent on our supermarket shelves, it is great to see more options than the standard soft drink options I had as a kid.

“Our KB Kombucha has all the ‘-otics’”, Robin explained. 

“You will live forever if you drink this, and if you don’t, come back and let me know. So far, no one has!” Which drew a rye smile on my face.

I was impressed with the vast amount of rum behind the counter. With over 150 bottles in all shapes and sizes, Rumours really is packed to the rafters with rum. 

rumours in wellington

You can have a rum ‘n’ coke anywhere you go, but that’s not what Rumours is about. You go to sip and explore the flavours and notes as you load up a little rum-tasting paddle to take back to your table.

I’m not usually a rum guy. So when I picked three totally different rums to try, I thought to myself that I should really give some more a go. From strong, tobacco and caramel, to soft, zippy and coconutty, it was a strong ride for my tongue.

They are exclusively serving Yeastie Boys beer on tap, and one of the hardest decisions of the evening was deciding which ones I wanted to add to my flight.

I eventually decided to go with the Lazy Slam pale ale, Superfresh Helles lager, and Soft Bomb juicy IPA and I am so glad I did.

With the recommendation of the Argentinian beef pizza, loaded with mozzarella and chimichurri on a woodfired pizza base, I made a pig of myself and ate way too much, but it was absolutely worth indulging in.

Rumours is open Wednesday to Sunday from midday ‘til late, and with a tidy little spot in the CBD, get amongst the energy and treat yourself and your friends to the experience of kombucha, rum, beer and food. It’s well worth it.

rumours in wellington