Brewed with all New Zealand ingredients, Sawmill’s Aotearoa Series #29 Hazy IPA is single-hopped with trial hop NZH-102 from the NZ Hops Bract Brewing Programme. The aroma is enough to make you swoon, it’s hypnotically vibrant with tinned pineapple and peach juice but in the flavour department that slides into grapefruit and herbaceous notes before a light and dry finish. Sawmill are one of a select group of New Zealand breweries who are part of NZ Hops’ Bract Brewing programme. That means these breweries get trial hops and brew beers with them to see how they play out in real world terms. And if this beer from Sawmill is any guideline, hop farmers will be getting NZH-102 in the ground as quick as they can, brewers will be asking for it and you will be drinking it.

Sawmill Aotearoa Series 29 Trial Hop