sprig and fern oast house party nz ipa

Named after the oast house, a building where freshly harvested hop cones are dried before heading away for processing into pellets,  this IPA was brewed with cones that were dried, but not yet processed, so call it a new hop release, if not a fresh one.  Those hops are Waimea, known for its citrus and pine characters, and it’s pine that certainly jumps out on the nose, along with white grape and funky gooseberry.  More resinous pine drives a crisp and supremely bright palate, with a bitterness that really bears its teeth on the rapid finish.  A tightly-focused, superbly drinkable NZ IPA (6.5% ABV) , created for the Smith’s NZ IPA Challenge, this is akin to some of the best American West Coast examples.