The name is a mouthful and the beer is too! That’s because there’s two on-trend techniques going on in Sunshine Brewing’s Rolling Stones Cold Dip Hopped IPA. The Cold IPA trend requires some rice or corn (in this instance it’s rice) to lighten the body in the style of American and Japanese lagers and it’s then fermented at a relatively cold temperature with an ale yeast, hence the name. Dip-hopping (too long to explain here so there’s a link below) essentially lowers the onion-garlic flavour that myrcene (an essential oil) can bring. So there’s a lot going on here, and the final product is quite a slick, smooth, all of flavour drinking experience. Waves of deep and sweet hop goodness with no edginess but with an all-round, mouth-filling bitterness. It’s quite a sumptuous experience.

Dip-hopping: “It starts hoppy, stays hoppy, finishes hoppy”