‘West Coast’ pilsner is still something of an emerging style, with the first few examples popping up at the tail end of last year.  While its attributes are yet to be entirely codified in New Zealand, the trend is towards big, maximalist pilsners that push the New Zealand Pilsner style into even stronger, hoppier territory. Tropic Myopic (6% abv), a new release from Banks Peninsula-based newcomers, Thief, does exactly that, sporting a downright explosively aromatic aroma, with soaring lemon and lime before zesty passionfruit and crushed tomato leaf.  It’s really quite remarkably akin to the nose on a tropical Wairau Valley sauvignon blanc.  The palate moves a little more slowly, with intensely ripe tropical hops over a hefty and smooth malt base.

While this may be as far from a traditional pilsner as one can get (while still drinking beer) anyone out for a clean, superbly hop driven drop will find everything they need here.