Who would have thought that working in an office 8 hours a day, 5 days a week can be so tiring? Well, I can confirm that it is! Pushing a pen and tickling a keyboard all day really does build up a thirst and what better beverage to cure this thirst than Thirsty Work Lager. This beer is a thirst trap in a tin, it’s clean, it’s crisp and it goes down the hatch easier than a blue Powerade the morning after a night out. This may not be the most interesting beer but it is one of the most reliable beers I’ve had. I can’t fault it and I honestly think that this will be my go-to beverage for BBQ season.
Tasting notes: a mouthful of pool water, a lick of an empty wine glass, a pre-cut wedge of lemon and a slice of white bread with the crust cut off.

can of thirsty work lager