All of a sudden cucumber is finding it’s way into beer. For many years 8 Wired’s Cucumber Hippy was the only such weirdly-but-deliciously flavoured beer with this fruit in it. But lately we’ve seen Heart of Darkness, via Behemoth, launch a Cucumber Pilsner and Urbanaut have this summer delight. Each of the flavours is perfectly defined and clear yet work together seamlessly.  This started life as part of the Urbanaut blender series but has justifiably taken on a life of its own in a grown-up 440ml can. As a massive fan of Indian food, and with Mumbai being one of the most amazing cities on the planet, I double-down on my love for this beer. It is a) perfectly-named after a suburb in Mumbai; and b) captures the essence of cucumber and mint raita, which I could eat by the spoonful. As a result, when I had this with Indian takeaway the other night, it was absolutely spot on. I know the trad thing is to have a classic lager with Indian food but not any more.