Urbanaut Brewing is celebrating Rocket Lab’s upcoming launch on the US stock market next week by brewing a beer in conjunction with digital brokerage Stake.

Moon Hopper, is dubbed an IPO IPA, is a hazy IPA made with peaches to reflect the fact that golden peaches were the first thing eaten on the moon (as far as we know, anyway).

The partnership between Stake and Urbanaut for the Rocket Lab launch seems natural given the brewery’s space-themed name.

“Like Rocket Lab, we’re a Kiwi-born business with aspirations to reach the stratosphere, so it felt right to partner with Stake to celebrate this cheers-worthy Kiwi moment,” said Urbanaut founder Bruce Turner in a statement.

“For this limited release, our aim was to create a classic Kiwi, Hazy IPA beer but with a Rocket Lab twist.

“Golden Peaches were the first fruit eaten on the moon, so to give it a space flavour, we‘ve added a touch of natural Napier peaches sourced just a few hours down the road from the Māhia Peninsula.”

Anyone who signs up to Stake using the promotion code RKLB, and funds their account (minimum $50), will receive $10 of free Rocket Lab stock. For more information visit the website hellostake.com/nz/rocketlab

“We think Moon Hopper is going to take off, just like Rocket Lab. The US offers lots of opportunity for both Rocket Lab and Kiwi retail investors. The size and breadth of the market means there is more liquidity for both companies listing there and individuals investing there. There’s also a great diversity of opportunities there, like Allbirds, which is another great Kiwi company looking to list in the US,” said Stake founder Matt Leibowitz.

“We’re excited to see what opportunities the IPO unlocks for the Rocket Lab team, and we’re even more excited to give our Kiwi customers the opportunity to back the business by investing in it from day one.”