Yeastie Boys are back and the first beer of their four available that caught my eye was a blue 330ml tin which featured a dude swimming on the label and it made me realise that summer isn’t too far away and the cold wet winter weather is just temporary and will soon be a thing of the past. The name of this summery beer is “Lazy Slam” a hazy pale ale which gave me summer vibes as soon as I ripped the lid. It’s light in flavour but you can still taste the grassy and fruity notes you’d expect from a hazy pale ale and I think the can art may have influenced my palate as I was also tasting some notes of pool water!? Either way this is a great crushable hazy pale ale that I’d happily drink again. Tasting notes: Burnt grass, lemon mist, mango puree, a splash of pool water and a lick of a wine cork.

yeastie boys lazy slam can