Five months on from Cyclone Gabrielle, Zeelandt’s core range is back in full production.

“We are very pleased to announce that our core range is now back in full production and available to order now,” says owner-brewer Chris Barber. “Our core range beers are available in in 330mL can, 440mL can, 30L keg, and 50L keg and include favourites Jerry Rig, Good Thief, Black Monk, and Four Stroke.”

The company is using a contract brewing partner after its Eskdale brewery was destroyed by flooding and silt as a result of the devastating Cyclone Gabrielle in February.

“Contract brewing will continue for the time being as it allows us to work on other aspects of the business, including looking for premises in Hawke’s Bay.

Zeelandt also has two seasonal limited release beers available — their popular Brunhilde’s Fate, a beechwood-smoked lager; and Kaiser Garcia a Mexican lager made with malted maize.

Back on the Horse, the brewery’s cyclone fundraising beer, was a huge success, Barber said. “We’re in the final stages of collecting all the proceeds from this beer, and shortly we’ll be distributing proceeds to Bay View Volunteer Fire Brigade, Lowe Corporation Rescue Helicopter, and the Bay View Community Trust.”