Hopwired is a special beer for me, and an important one for New Zealand craft brewing, being one of the early pioneers of the modern full-strength NZ-hopped IPA.  This special edition swaps the Nelson Sauvin hops for a co-developed variety called Pacific Sunrise, recently rediscovered and commercially planted by Hop Revolution.  Bold, pithy, orange citrus comes first on the nose, with apricot and boysenberry along with rich toffee and biscuity malt.  More orange and berries on the palate, with tart marmalade and an almost fruitcake quality as the chewy malt backbone kicks in.  Compared with the original Hopwired the difference here is remarkable, with the sharp passionfruit lift of the Nelson Sauvin entirely gone, the flavour takes on a much deeper, more brooding character, somewhat closer to an English style IPA.  A deliciously divergent take on an NZIPA super-classic that shows just what a difference hop selection can make. 

A Mixed Six with Badass beverages

We’re going a bit meta on this one. Regular readers will know that Dave Pearce of Badass Beverages usually writes the Mixed Six, but in the wake of Badass winning a trophy at the NZ Beer Awards, we thought we’d turn the tables on him …

Yeastie Boys Lazy Slam Hazy Pale Ale

Yeastie Boys are back and the first beer of their four available that caught my eye was a blue 330ml tin which featured a dude swimming on the label and it made me realise that summer isn’t too far away and the cold wet winter weather is just temporary and will soon...

Style Corner: Grisette The Little Grey One

Grisette (meaning ‘little grey one’), emerged in the Hainaut province of Belgium during the 18th century, just as the Industrial Revolution was picking up steam.

Diary of a Hop Farmer: Surviving winter

In the second part of his Diary of a Hop Farmer, Josh Lewis details how life plays out on a hop farm during winter.

Monkfish New venture for Hargreaves

If you’re a craft beer fan in Wellington there’s a high chance you’ve been handed a pint by Dan Hargreaves.

What not to say at a beer festival

So you’re going to a beer festival and are worried about saying the wrong thing. Don’t be!