Behemoth Brewing’s bid to raise $3m of new capital through online investment platform, Snowball Effect, is live.

The information memorandum for investors said the company was currently valued at $35.86 million. Shares are selling for $1.32 apiece — the same price they were at the last capital raise in 2020 when they raised $1.8m. The brand previously raised $2m via Pledge Me in 2019. 

Much of the latest investment will go towards expansion of the brewery’s capacity — with the potential for volumes to go from 350,000 litres per year to 2 million litres at their Churly’s brewpub in Auckland.

Last year Behemoth produced 1.44 million litres but only 350,000 litres on-site at Churly’s, meaning they relied on contract partners for the remainder. Expansion means the company will take a larger chunk of its brewing in-house.

As part of the raise, the brewery has also announced a newly-recruited leadership team and board including former Independent (now Asahi) chief executive Julian Davidson as board chair.

Behemoth founder Andrew Childs said in a statement he was excited about the future prospects.

“We’re only just getting started and we’re definitely thinking big. With a talented and highly experienced team behind us, we’re going to be substantially growing volumes, distribution, and brand awareness so we can get our amazing beers into the hands of more beer lovers.  There’s a huge amount of growth to be had in online and grocery channels so we’ll be focusing there as a great way to get scale, while maintaining a competitive price point and our brand’s value.” 

The information memorandum stated that while the overall beer market in New Zealand was in decline, craft beer continues to be one of the fastest-growing beverage categories, accounting for 18% of total beer grocery sales in 2021, compared with 12% in 2020.

Earlier this month the brewery announced new distribution and brew partnerships across geographies, with leading Aussie retailer Coles, and Californian craft beer legend’s, Ballast Point.

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