I’m calling it now, Black Sands are going to be the next hype brewery in New Zealand. When they released their Nimbus Hazy pale ale earlier in the year, I knew these guys were on to a good thing and when I met the team behind the beer, I knew both Craig and his old man Ian had the passion it takes. Their latest release in the Latest Squeeze series is a Hazy Peach IPA. My initial thoughts were that it was visually hazy-as and on the palate, it tasted like a textbook hazy but with a slight twang of peach which I liked — but I could have done with a dash more peach flavour. All in all a great beer and I can’t wait to see what the team at Black Sands bang out next!

Tasting notes: A pre-peeled peach, an overly chewed piece of Hubba Bubba, a nip of Smirnoff vodka, artificial banana and a slice of wholemeal bread.

Black Sands Latest Squeeze Peach Hazy IPA