The can art on Brothers Beer Welcome to Cryoville, a Cryo Hop Hazy IPA, is giving me big Sims energy (does anyone still play The Sims?) so after some nostalgic thoughts from gazing at the can for several minutes I thought it would be a great idea to rip the lid and pour a portion of the contents into a glass. Once the foamy head settled, I licked my lips and went in for the sip and BAM, the hoppiness really did knock on the door of my palate and say “honey, I’m home” then once I began emptying my vessel down my throat, I was back to my nostalgic thoughts all whilst enjoying a damn fine hazy and feeling the effects of the 6% abv.
Tasting notes: Grass coated in sawdust, a mango milkshake with out of season mango, a lick of a strawberry hubba bubba wrapper.

Brothers Beer welcome to Cryoville