My new best brew buddy Deep Creek Brewing have been busy at work reading my reviews and taking notes of my notes and the result is Leo, an Extroverted Hazy IPA, which I honestly believe was brewed exclusively for my taste buds! I was lucky enough to attend the Leo launch party at Revelry Bar a few weeks ago and sip on one of the first ever pints of Leo alongside other beerfluencers and the master minds from Deep Creek. Fast forward two weeks and I still can’t get enough of this beer! Every time I see a can on the liquor store shelf, I have to buy another tin, it really is that good! It’s juicy as you would expect from a big boi hazzy but this is abnormally thicccc and there is no lactose! I don’t know how Hamish the head brewer has added those extra c’s to the thiccccness but I’m not here to question his craft, I’m here to get high on his supply! As you can probably tell by now, I’m a BIG fan of this beer and I can honestly say that this is the best hazzy I have had all year so if you haven’t tried Leo, I hiiiighly recommend you do before I drink it all!
Tasting notes: A mango lassi topped with oat milk whipped cream, the power from a white marshmallow, a lick of a straw from a vanilla thick shake and some wet grass.

Deep Creek Leo