If you like your beers pale and yellow then this is your warning to move on because this is about to get sticky. Duncan’s Brewing in Paraparaumu and Sydney’s One Drop Brewing have joined forces to brew Cake Walk — a beverage stickier than Hubba Bubba and this beer is anything but a walk in the park. Cake Walk is a 7 per cent Triple Fruited Imperial Gose that pours thicker than golden syrup. This beer is a combination of banana, dragonfruit and a sprinkle of sea salt, all blitzed together into a boozy fruit smoothie that immobilises your jaw. This is honestly a MUST drink if you like your beer thicc, fruity and stickier than the dance floor at Bar 101.
Tasting notes: a banana dipped in sea salt, a berry-flavoured Tank smoothie and a shot glass of vodka.

Duncan's One Drop Cake Walk