While judging at last year’s New World Beer & Cider Awards, a Hefeweizen hit my table that I really loved, and I made a moderately impassioned justification as to why it deserved 84 points. The other (far more senior) judges were not having it. “It’s not as good as some of the ones at the wheat beer symposium in Germany…” That should give you an idea of just how damned good Emerson’s Weissbier is, because it not only scored enough points for the Top-30 but won this year’s grand champion award. The aroma is quite literally bananas, ripe and fresh alongside spicy nutmeg, clove and fresh cream. Sharper on the tongue, there’s a brief sherbety note over fresh white bread and more warming spices that linger into a superbly long finish. Hugely flavoursome for only 5% ABV and absolutely classic to the Hefeweizen style. I wonder if I would have gotten my 84 points over on this one? (Eds note: Yes!)