Epic 15 Barleywine

Brewed in celebration of Epic’s 15th birthday (out a little belatedly as the birthday was in December) as well as being the 2000th batch produced at the Steam brewery, so something special for sure.  Chinook, Cascade and Centennial hops punctuate the hugely rich malt aroma with resinous pine and eucalyptus, while the palate maintains a surprisingly refreshing rapidity and cleaner finish than the quantity of malt might suggest.  That’s the long way of calling this dangerously drinkable. As an American Barleywine, it’s a lot more hop forward than the traditional English style, and as such it has a bit more going on while it’s still young (which is good for those like me with poor impulse control).  Can’t wait to see what they come out with for the 20th.