Garage Project have won a silver medal at the prestigious World Beer Cup in the United States with their Chance, Luck & Magic 2020.

Only three medals are awarded in any category at the World Beer Cup, which was held this year in Nashville, Tennessee. So for Garage Project to pick up a silver in the Belgian-style Sour category is a remarkable achievement.

They had previously won a silver medal at the World Beer Cup for Cockswain’s Courage, a barrel-aged porter.

Chance, Luck & Magic is a blend of three vintages of spontaneously fermented ale and was named Champion Beer at the NZ Beer Awards last year. In sharing the news with Pursuit of Hoppiness, Garage Project founder Jos Ruffell said: “Shows how dialled in the NZBA judges are!!”

Ruffell was delighted with the silver medal, adding: “It’s pretty special given the category for us … feeling very happy.”

Ruffell wasn’t sure how many bottles of Chance, Luck & Magic 2020 still existed. There is also a 2021 edition which won a gold medal at last year’s NZ Beer Award as well.