I love the team at Hop Federation and I think they love me because they are always looking after me with beermail and in today we have their latest westie, Glory Glory, their entry to the annual Malthouse West Coast IPA challenge and if my palate were the judge, this beverage would have come home with the trophy, it’s a delicious example of a WCIPA and has honestly got me fizzing to get back into westies and been living up to my name a bit too much recently. The flavour profile is honestly unreal. Hop Fed definitely are the one of the best in the game at extracting flavours from the hops and it’s no coincidence that they are based in the middle of hop town aka Riwaka. So if your taste buds are in need of some hoppy WCIPA action, this is guaranteed to satisfy your cravings!

Tasting notes: Strawberry hubba bubba, a subtle paint fume aroma, an 8 month old pine scented air freshener and a slice of golden kiwifruit.

Hop Federation  Glory Glory