Now ever since I laid my lips on oat milk, I have not purchased another 2L blue top from Anchor, I’m now a loyal oat milk drinker and proud of it! Some would say it’s a rite of passage being an Aucklander and I’m as Auckland as it gets! When I’m feeling extra bougie, I cough up the extra 20 cents and go for the slick green bottle of Boring oat milk which has me feeling extra special when making a cup of coffee. I don’t know why, but alternative milks really know how to aesthetically package their milk, and another company that knows how to aesthetically package their “milk” is Parrotdog so it’s no surprise that these two maestros have collaborated to create Boring Beer, an oat milk hazy IPA. So how does it taste? TBH I wasn’t getting much of the creaminess from the oat milk that I was expecting but that was OK because there was a subtle oatyness which paired perfectly with the grass and stone fruit notes I was getting. After half a tin, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to add a splash of oat milk to the beer but that was a mistake, do not do this! It just threw off the balance of the beer and the oatyness over-powered the flavors from the hops but it wasn’t all bad because that gave me an excuse to skull my beer which accelerated the effects of the 6% ABV. Overall, great beer and great milk but mix at your own risk!

Tasting notes: Canned Apricots, Boring Oat Milk, the essence of coconut moisturizer and desiccated grass.

parrotdog boring beer